A Friendship Undone

In April, Turks voted to give President Erdogan sweeping new powers, moving a strategic partner further away from the EU and closer to dictatorship. Handelsblatt Global has the view from Berlin, the city with the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey.

Missile Defense

Turkey’s Arms Deal Is a Slap Against Merkel, Trump

Turkey is goading its NATO allies by purchasing a Russian air defense system after Germany imposed an arms embargo over human rights violations.

EU-Turkey Ties

The Rule of Law, Turkey Style

Angela Merkel has stopped flogging the dead horse of Turkey’s accession to the European Union. It was about time, writes a Turkey commentator.

Merkel Debate

The Door Slams Shut on Turkey’s Cherished Dream

Chancellor Angela Merkel has made clear that Turkey will never be allowed into the European Union.


The Rift Deepens With Poland and Turkey

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is providing key support for tougher EU measures against authoritarianism.

Balkan Rivalries

EU, Russia and Turkey Struggle for Balkan Influence

Turkey and Russia are rapidly developing their influence in southeast Europe. Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz calls on the EU to bring the Balkans into its orbit.


Erdogan Launches War of Words

Recep Tayyip Erdogan verbally attacked German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who had warned the Turkish President not to interfere in the German elections.

Imam Sought

Turkey Turns Up the Heat in Dispute with Germany

Just as tensions seemed to be easing, Turkey is now pushing Germany to return alleged coup plotters home.

German-Turkish Tensions

Severing Ties with Erdogan

Germany should demand Turkey’s suspension from NATO and cancel the refugee pact with President Erdogan, to deprive him of any leverage, the Left Party’s former leader writes.

EU-Turkey Ties

Earth to Erdogan

Recent arrests of human rights activists, including Amnesty International's Turkey director and a German citizen, have set Turkey on a collision course with the EU.

Ankara Retreat

Turkey Backs Down from Germany

The interior minister withdraws allegations that German companies were funding terrorism, but arrests of Germans may prevent a quick remedy.


Germany Takes the Gloves Off

After months of escalating tensions, Berlin pushes back against Ankara, threatening action over the detention of an activist and a blacklist against German companies.

Turkish Tensions

Erdogan Blacklists Firms

Germany may halt investments in Turkey, which claims companies like Daimler are supporting terrorism. The revelations escalate a conflict between Berlin and Ankara.


No End to German-Turkish Tensions

Germany and Turkey, at loggerheads for months, have clashed once again, this time over a request by the Turkish president to hold a rally.


Bundestag Approves Troop Withdrawal from Turkey

The German parliament has voted overwhelmingly to redeploy troops to Jordan amid deteriorating relations with Ankara.

Liberal Mosque

A Woman Calls to Prayer

A female lawyer opened a ground-breaking mosque in Berlin last week, a liberal place of worship where women can become imams and Prophet Muhammad can be criticized.


Germany to Withdraw Troops from Turkey

Berlin is moving to redeploy its troops after Ankara refused to guarantee German MPs the right to visit Incirlik airbase. A redeployment could interrupt Germany’s mission against the Islamic State group.

German Troops

Berlin’s Patience is Wearing Thin in Turkey Air Base Row

Anger among German politicians is growing fast over the Turkish government's refusal to let parliamentarians visit troops stationed at Incirlik air base.

Incirlik Withdrawal

Merkel Sets Ultimatum in Turkish Air Base Row

Following Ankara's ongoing refusal to grant German MPs access to troops, the chancellor for the first time threatened to withdraw soldiers from the Turkish base.

Coup plotters

Turkish Generals Seek Asylum in Germany

Two high-ranking members of Turkey's military have applied for asylum at Frankfurt International Airport, according to a media report.


Berlin Threatens Withdrawal from Turkish Air Base

Ankara’s refusal to let German MPs visit German troops at Incirlik has sparked calls for Berlin to pull out altogether, but a withdrawal could complicate the fight against IS.