Culture change

Germany can’t be smug about its top innovation ranking

The country will have to get better at embracing disruptive ideas if it wants to retain its global lead as an innovative nation, writes Handelsblatt’s Torsten Riecke.

Good or bad?

For and against an EU unemployment fund

Two Handelsblatt writers debate the merits of an EU fund to support the jobless during a crisis, a proposal put forward by Germany’s Social Democrat finance minister but rejected by the ruling conservatives.

lies and power

Truth in a time of bullies and proto-fascists

Across the world, strongmen and conspiracy theorists are ostentatiously thumbing their noses at truth. This is a threat to democracies.

Daily Briefing

Fat chance of a euro-zone unemployment insurance fund

Peter Altmaier nixes Olaf Scholz’s idea for euro-zone reform; Siemens may lose a huge contract to GE; and German spies foil an attack by the Islamic State. Our Daily Briefing for October 18.

Daily briefing

Germany leads innovation ranking. No one is more surprised than us

Innovation nation, who, us? Meanwhile, we’re busy mulling Moscow as a new BFF, and Berlin’s (unpopular) European idea. Here’s our daily briefing on October 17, 2018.

bavaria fallout

Germany’s Social Democrats are history, and that’s a bad thing

Whatever your politics, the downfall of the SPD is a loss to the political landscape. Sadly, it seems inevitable, writes a Handelsblatt correspondent.

russia, nord stream pipeline

firm friends

Why we need to reach out to Russia

It’s wrong to demonize Russia and its government. Economic cooperation and partnership — without avoiding criticism — are the way forward, writes a German state premier.

Daily Briefing

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome: Opel joins the Dieselgate club

A setback for Opel’s comeback, while we're stuck with a Bavarian contrarian. There's more excitement at Venus, meanwhile. Here's our daily briefing on October 16, 2018.

Empowering Europe

Can euro-zone reform help contain Trump?

If the EU is serious about making the euro a global currency, the trading bloc needs a single finance minister. This would be a bright response to Washington's economic warfare, writes a leading German economist.

Daily Briefing

Horst Seehofer must go

Bavaria blasts Berlin; it’s so easy being Green; Merkel on the brink; and Berlin is #unteilbar. Our Daily Briefing for October 15.

The new liberals?

The challenge of success for Germany’s Greens

The flip side of a rising Alternative for Germany (AfD) is a rising Green Party. The first stands for a closed Germany, the second for openness. But the Greens must change to live up to their new stature.

Daily briefing

Carmakers are doing it for themselves… in China

BMW takes a Beijing joyride, visas are for sale if you're rolling in it – and Germany is gearing up for the Bavarian election, and for Stormy Daniels. Watch this space. Our daily briefing on October 11.

Daily briefing

An homage to populism sounds a lot like Hitler

Two historians sound the alarm on the Alternative for Germany, while otherwise, we're worried about a broken Brexit, and also about the book industry. Our daily briefing on October 10.

political chameleon

Ahead of state elections, watch for AfD’s socialism of fools

The Alternative for Germany, a party of the populist far-right, is spouting a spurious “ethno-socialism.” Its focus on patriotism and solidarity is a thinly-veiled bow to National Socialism.

Daily Briefing

Global warming is local tragedy

The IPCC’s last alarm on climate change; Uebber quits Daimler; and Airbus does a Franco-German shuffle. Our Daily Briefing for Oct. 9.

Comeback kids

Once-forgotten Green party a surprise force as election season starts

If Angela Merkel’s current government fails, the Greens would be a popular partner for fresh coalition talks for any party other than the AfD, says Handelsblatt’s Silke Kersting.

Capital Injections

Germany needs to lure foreign investors in, not scare them off

The German government’s plan to tighten controls on foreign investment poses risks to Europe’s largest economy, warns economist Holger Görg.

Data slouches

Why Germans will be left behind in Artificial Intelligence

In AI, the race is between America and China, and China may win. For the same reason, Germany is likely to lose.

Fragile Position

Berlin’s untenable foreign-policy strategic vacuum

Berlin can no longer afford to float ideas that have no practical consequences, and keep muddling through, writes a policy expert.

Post Reunification

Eastern Germany is different

Germany was under the impression it had overcome its Cold War division, but differences between the east and west persist, writes the leader of the Green Party.

brexit leaders, eu

Damaging Dogma

Brussels should lighten up on Britain and compromise on Brexit

Insecurity is behind the European Union’s uncompromising stance in Brexit negotiations with the UK. For everyone’s sake, Brussels should soften its stance, a Handelsblatt correspondent writes.