Election Coverage

Germany Votes

Read our political coverage ahead of Germany's vote on September 24.

The future on wheels


Germany's biggest industry – cars – is in the early stages of a revolution, as batteries take over from combustion and as vehicles start navigating themselves. The implications – for safety, jobs, urban planning, the environment, and our way of life – are huge. We cover all developments on this page.

Ask a German

Handelsblatt Explains

Much about Germany is confusing or surprising to foreigners - and even to Germans. Our editors provide clarity.

SME Power


Volkswagen, Bayer and Adidas are household names. But more than 95 percent of Germany's economy is generated by lesser-known firms that aren’t listed on the blue-chip DAX Index.


A Friendship Undone

In April, Turks voted to give their president sweeping new powers, moving a strategic partner further away from the EU and closer to dictatorship. Handelsblatt Global has the view from Berlin, the city with the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey.


Profit and Loss Check

Once a year, we take a critical look at the health of each top German blue-chip company ahead of their annual shareholders meeting.

Global Policy

The G20 Presidency

Find coverage of the Germany's G20 presidency here, with views from leading politicians and detailed analysis of Germany's key policy positions.


The German View

Brexit will change how firms do business in Europe's second-largest economy. Get insight into German and European thinking on this historic turning point.

Made in Germany still stands for something. Source: dpa/picture alliance.


Made in Germany

A recent global survey from Statista has put Germany on top of a “made in” list of 52 countries. Our Retail page provides in-depth coverage on the consumer goods from Germany leading markets worldwide.


Future Atlas

Since 2004, the research institute Prognos has measured the sustainability and future potential of 402 German counties and cities every three years. Find out how the institute leads the way.