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Making history

Rocky start for Social Democrats' new leader

Andrea Nahles was elected the first female leader of the Social Democrats. Now she must rescue Germany's oldest political party from irrelevance and position herself against her coalition partner, Chancellor Merkel.

Martin Greive, Klaus Stratmann and John Blau

Social Insecurity

Single retired female

In discussions about inequality in Germany, economists and politicians ignore the fact that a person’s family situation greatly influences their financial outlook.

Elisabeth Niejahr

Governing Anew

The Many Kinds of Growth

The freshly elected government needs to do more to expand Germany's social capital, writes the Handelsblatt's chief economist.

Bert Rürup


Social Spending: Hurting Germany's Growth?

A new study says growing social spending is endangering German growth and employment, but labor unions have a solution: higher wages.

Handelsblatt Staff

Immigration Nation

Germany's Anti-Aging Remedy

Take that, demographic dilemma. Germany's workforce is getting younger thanks to newcomers from abroad, according to federal statistics.

Peter Thelen

Social Safety Net

Big Spender

Social spending in Germany has reached record levels under Merkel and will top €1 trillion in 2021, but the country can afford it, thanks to massive immigration.

Martin Greive, Frank Specht and Peter Thelen

Promoting Trade

Germany First: The Return of Mercantilism

In the pre-industrial age, protecting local firms from foreign competition was common. What Berlin doesn't care to admit: Today's trade surplus is a 21st century version.

Jörg Lichter

Economic Weekly

I Just Can't Stop Growing, Too

In his weekly column, Handelsblatt’s chief economist addresses Germany’s seemingly never-ending trade boom and jobs bonanza, as well as the IMF’s demands for less inequality.

Bert Rürup

Socialists in Crisis

Lefties Fearful of French Syndrome

While the French Socialist Party teeters on the verge of disintegration, its German sister party, the SPD, is basking in new unity and increasing popularity. But with social democracy in disarray throughout Europe, the Germans shouldn’t feel safe yet.

Jean-Michel Hauteville

Economic Weekly

Like Me Now?

Handelsblatt's chief economist weighs in on how Trump is making Germany look good, why the E.U. may yet punish Britain, and another failed Deutsche Börse merger in his weekly review of Europe's largest economy.

Bert Rürup

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