Made in Germany

The “Made in Germany” brand is world-famous for quality: A recent global survey from Statista has put Germany on top of a “made in” list of 52 countries. Our Retail page provides in-depth coverage on the consumer goods from Germany leading markets worldwide.

The Latest

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Automated Vehicles

Revving Up For the Future

As U.S. tech companies such as Google’s Waymo and Uber encroach on their home turf, German car parts makers Bosch and ZF, the world’s number one and three, expand their digital and self-driving technology expertise.

3-D Innovation

Printing Your Sneakers

Adidas announced that it will be digitally printing its sneakers for the first time, meaning custom soles can be produced in greater numbers.

Cool Currency

Sportswear to the Stars

Sportswear companies like Germany's Puma and Adidas increasingly rely on celebrities to sell their products, but some experts are skeptical this trend can last.

P&L Check

Henkel’s Fly in the Ointment

The consumer products giant is often viewed by investors as the Old Faithful of Germany's big companies. Latest results show last year was no exception, yet a failure to meet its targets suggest growth may be slowing.

Wooly Business

Keeping Warm, the Norwegian Way

The outdoor clothing manufacturer Devold is woven into the fabric of Norwegian life. Now the brand’s boss wants to bring the wool specialist to Germany.

Consumer Perception

‘Made in Germany’ Label Tops Global Ranking

Dieselgate be damned. A global survey has put Germany on top of a “made in” list of 52 countries. In the United States, German-made products are hugely popular too, second only to domestically produced goods.

Telephone Banking

The Battle for the Mobile Wallet

A brave new world of mobile bank transactions is finally coming to Germany. The question is, who will earn the lion’s share, German banks or Apple?

Department Stores

Too Much Space, Too Little Time

Canada's Hudson Bay Company has built a reputation as a turnaround expert in North America. Now it's investing millions to build a European empire and keep its troubled German Kaufhof department store chain competitive. Like competitor Karstadt, it can’t modernize its huge stores fast enough.

Amazon and DHL

More, Door to Door

A rumored partnership between e-commerce giant Amazon and delivery service DHL to deliver fresh groceries to German households could change the supermarket sector radically.

Family Affair

Aldi’s Albrechts are Germany’s Richest Again

Brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht built a global grocery store empire from a simple corner store in western Germany. Their children are enjoying the spoils.