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Why Germans Fear the Wurst

A happy couple? Angela Merkel and Sigmar Gabriel.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The German government is worried that voters are becoming increasingly disinterested in politics and turning to other, less structured means to vent frustrations.

  • Facts


    • The Living Well in Germany program is consulting individuals on what they believe is important in life.
    • It will take the form of a series of discussions across Germany involving society groups and politicians.
    • The results will be evaluated and the government has promised to act on them.
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With typical Teutonic angst, Germans are currently worried about the fact that they might not be happy.

From high-level politicians to grassroots civic society, there are concerns that despite being Europe’s largest economy and enjoying high living standards, citizens may not be as chirpy as they could be.

So with typical Teutonic efficiency, the government has resolved to find out. Chancellor Angela Merkel has organized a series of talks across the country where happy and, presumably, sad members of the community can give their views on two key questions: What is especially important to you in life and what makes up the quality of life in Germany?

The government chose to host the first talk in the ‘Living Well in Germany’ program at a landmark gasometer building in Berlin, home to the studio where the country’s most famous talk show host, Günther Jauch, holds his long-running Sunday-night show.

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