Kosovan Migrant

'Why Do I Have to Go?'

DEU, Deutschland, Berlin 10.09.2015: Zeqiri Beg (L), Asylbewerber aus dem Kosovo steht für ein Portrait mit Thomas Strobl, MdB und Landesvorsitzender der CDU Baden-Wuerttemberg, vor dem Streitgespraech -geführt von Mariam Lau in den Raeumen der Zeit Redaktion. |September 10, 2015 -Germany, Berlin, Berlin: Zeqiri Beg, asylum seeker from Kosovo stands for a portrait prior to a meeting with member of the German Parliament Thomas Strobl, CDU|
Beg Zeqiri, asylum seeker (left), with Thomas Strobl, CDU politician.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Germany is struggling to balance humanitarian concerns with the practical realities of dealing with the influx of refugees and migrants. After all, not everyone can stay.

  • Facts


    • Kosovan Beg Zeqiri came to Germany seeking a better life but his asylum claim was rejected.
    • Thomas Strobl, vice chairman of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, wants rejected asylum seekers to be deported faster.
    • Germany projects that up to 1 million people will apply for asylum this year, and resentment grows against Ms. Merkel’s open-door policy.
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Beg Zeqiri: Mr. Strobl, why do I have to go?

Thomas Strobl: I’ll put it very clearly. We have to concentrate on those who are facing threats to life and limb. That’s not the case with you. People coming from Syria, for example, are fleeing torture, rape and death – they fear for their lives. Anyone like that, we let them into this country. But it doesn’t make sense to integrate asylum-seekers from the Western Balkans into Germany. We know from practice that the better they are integrated, the harder it is to repatriate back to their countries of origin.

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