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Hartlepool is home to one of Britain's nuclear power stations.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Britain’s Brexit vote was won in industrial heartlands such as Hartlepool yet there is no evidence that it will benefit them economically.

  • Facts


    • Hartlepool is a town of 93,000 people in northeast England on the North Sea coast.
    • In the recent referendum, 69.9 percent of Hartlepool voters cast ballots in favor of leaving the European Union.
    • The British economy will suffer acutely from increased uncertainty as a result of the Brexit vote, according to reports.
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The video shows a broad, sandy beach on England’s North Sea coast, then a stretch of wetlands and a seal. A marina fills the screen, then a white clock tower and a strip of coastline. The video doesn’t fail to impress the town’s councilmen.

“When I saw the new video, I thought for the first time: Wow, I live in such a fantastic place,” said a local politician in Hartlepool in northeast England.

But this is what the video’s idyllic scenes don’t show: The wetlands are a wasteland amid a nuclear power plant, an oil refinery, six enormous cooling towers, abandoned aluminum works and the Tata steel mill, which faces closure. The marina is an abandoned coal-shipping dock, the clocktower houses public toilets, and offshore wind turbines mar the coastline.

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