Turkish-German Relations

Wanted: Freedom For Mesale Tolu

“Cumhuriyet”-Prozess in der Türkei
Over 160 journalists imprisoned: Protesters advocating for the release of Turkish journalists from the Cumhuriyet newspaper in Istanbul in July. Source: DPA

His cell phone is beeping again. Hüseyin Tolu interrupts the conversation to see who is trying to contact him. He must, he has no choice, though this has been going on all morning. Mostly it has been inconsequential emails, messages he can ignore. But one note makes him jump out of his seat.

He swallows hard, fighting back tears even as he is smiling. “Look, look, here, here,” Mr. Tolu says. “This is my father, and this is Serkan. Serkan, the little one. My father got him out of prison. They are letting him out today. My father did it. Serkan is being allowed out to visit his father, in the other prison.”

The emotional scene unfolding on a Wednesday morning at a downtown Berlin hotel is part of a dramatic and desperate story.

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