Turkish Elections

Votes in Germany Have Weight

He's called a one-man show.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Mr. Erdogan hopes to strenghten his position but Turkish voters abroad, especially in Germany, could undermine his plans.

  • Facts


    • Germany has 1.4 million people of Turkish origin eligible to vote in Turkish elections.
    • About 70 percent of Berlin residents of Turkish origin have a Turkish passport.
    • In 2010 and 2011, Turkey joined China to lead the world with economic growth of 9 percent.
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Germany could prove to be a decisive factor in President Erdogan’s plans to secure greater power – through the large number of Turks living in the country with a Turkish passport.

Europe’s largest economy has more than 1.4 million people of Turkish origin eligible to vote in parliamentary elections, or roughly as many as Bursa, Turkey’s fourth largest city after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. And Berlin has the largest community of Turks outside their country with more than 200,000 – of whom 140,000 are eligible to vote.

Mr. Erdogan calls them “our strength abroad” and is counting on their support.

After a 12-year run as prime minister, he has been Turkey’s president since August. In that largely ceremonial function, he is supposed to be non-partisan, above the political fray.

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