Donald Trump

Undeliverable Promises

Donald Trump has many grand plans. But could he actually implement any of them? Moises Naim is unconvinced. Source: Dermot Tatlow for Handelsblatt
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A Donald Trump presidency may be characterized more by political gridlock than radical change to the system.

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    • Attempts by Donald Trump to ban Muslim immigration and deport millions of undocumented migrants would almost certainly face stiff legal opposition.
    • Free trade Republicans would also likely oppose Mr. Trump’s trade policies and seek to block him in Congress.
    • Moises Naim, the author of the End of Power, argues that globalization and technology have constrained leaders’ ability to implement what voters want.
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A wall on the border with Mexico, a ban on Muslim immigration, and a withdrawal from NAFTA. Donald Trump has made a lot of radical promises. Would he actually be able to implement them?

Moises Naim, a former executive director of the World Bank and the author of “The End of Power,” believes Mr. Trump would face many constraints as president.

“Many of the things he said he wants to do are either not constitutional or can be challenged in courts or will be challenged in Congress,” Mr. Naim told Handelsblatt’s U.S. Election Camp in Washington D.C. “We can expect a prolonged period of power clashes between the different segments of the state.”

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