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Trump's German-Born Backer

Peter Thiel says he has suffered for his support of Donald Trump. Source: Bloomberg
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Even if Donald Trump loses, the anger driving voters to the Republican candidate is unlikely to dissipate. It helps to understand where the rage comes from.

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    • Peter Thiel is co-founder of PayPal, the world’s leading digital payments website, and an early investor in Facebook.
    • Born in Frankfurt, it recently emerged that Mr. Thiel had donated $1.25 million (€1.14 million) to Donald Trump’s campaign.
    • Mr. Thiel’s adopted Silicon Valley home is a solid Democratic Party stronghold in northern California.
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Peter Thiel has a message for those disparaging the backers of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump: Don’t ignore us.

The co-founder of U.S. payments website PayPal, who was born in Frankfurt, Germany, counts as one of the Republican candidate’s more ardent backers? He’s an iconoclast among a liberal  majority in Silicon Valley, not only through his support of Mr. Trump.

Trump voters cannot be dismissed as racists or homophobes, Mr. Thiel said in an appearance at the National Press Club Monday in Washington. They are simply Americans who are fed up with the political status quo, and see in the real-estate baron a real chance to change the system and bring about positive change.

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