Swing-State Battle

Trump Gaining Ground

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Even as polls show Hilary Clinton ahead in electoral college votes, Donald Trump is catching up with only days to go until the election.

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    • A polling average shows Mr. Trump leading in Florida, a state he must win to cinch the presidency.
    • Ms. Clinton is focused on winning new voters and mobilizing African-American and Latino voters.
    • Trump is trying to win blue-collar battleground states by appealing to his voter base: white men without a college education.
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appears at a campaign event in Geneva
Mr. Trump's strategy in the final stretch is quite different than his opponent's. Source: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

The national anthem fades away just as a beaming Donald Trump reaches the podium in Orlando. “In six days we will win the great state of Florida and we will win back the White House. That will happen,” he says.

The speech that follows is quite enthusiastic considering Trump’s circumstances. There is no mention of alleged voter fraud. Instead, Mr. Trump talks about rising costs due to Obamacare — as if tackling the problem would soon be his responsibility. When he starts talking about his opponent Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, some in the crowd begin to shout “Lock her up.” But they are quickly drowned out by the Trump campaign’s new, more civil slogan: “Drain the swamp.”

In less than a week, the United States will elect a new president — and the man who was long considered an outsider without a chance is catching up on the homestretch. The electoral map by political poll aggregator “Real Clear Politics” shows a blue state disappearing almost daily. Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado: Pollsters now see states that were just recently counted as “leaning Clinton” turn into unknowns.

Whether it’s the FBI’s investigation into her emails, black voters’ lack of enthusiasm for her or increasingly close polls, there seems to be no end to the bad news for the Democrats.

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