Transport Ministry to Open Bids for Toll System

highwaytoll,  RP5DRIGHYHAA
Yes, there's a cover charge. Picture source: Reuters.

It has been a long-time coming, but the transportation ministry is finally ready to open the bidding process for Germany’s controversial highway toll system for passenger vehicles. The European Commission on Wednesday gave the green light to Germany, ending a long-running dispute between Brussels and Berlin over the toll system.

European officials had alleged that the system discriminates against foreign drivers. In December, the transportation ministry agreed to reform the legislation to address Brussels’ concerns. With the dispute now resolved, the transportation ministry plans to open the bidding process in June for the toll system, according to Handelsblatt’s government sources.

Though Germany has resolved its dispute with Brussels, it still faces opposition from its neighbors. Austria has announced that it will file suit with the European Court of Justice. The Czech Republic and the Netherlands have suggested they might make a similar move.

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