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Working at home: be your own boss.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A Dutch law giving employees the right to work at home could spur workers to demand a similar arrangement in Germany.

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    • As of July 1, Dutch employees will have a legal right to working at home.
    • A third of the Dutch employees work from home, compared with only 12 percent in Germany, statistics show.
    • Working at home in Germany is normally only allowed with the expressed approval of the employer.
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Some consider it the essence of inefficiency and goofing off, others see it as the model for the future.

The enthusiasm for having an office at home is particularly large in the Netherlands, which borders west Germany. As of July 1, Dutch employees will have a legal right to working at home. Companies will only be able to demand employees to be present in the office in justified, exceptional cases.

The new regulation has also caused a lot of discussion in Germany. Although still comparatively few employees in other countries also use their desk at home professionally, around a third of staff in the Netherlands have their office at home. In Germany, it is barely 12 percent, according to statistics from the German Institute for Economic Research, DIW.

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