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The World Wants Hillary

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And the winner is...
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Handelsblatt and YouGov’s survey of global attitudes signals that the world still looks to the United States for leadership and stability.

  • Facts


    • Of those polled, 18 of the G20 countries picked Hillary Clinton for U.S. president. Russia and the United States were the exceptions.
    • President Barack Obama and Pope Francis were rated the world’s most trusted leaders.
    • The United States remains the country rated as having the best political and economic system in the world.
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What if the rest of the world had a say in the U.S. presidential elections? Their votes may not count, but that hasn’t stopped others from asking.

It turns out that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton can count on the support of 18 of the world’s 20 leading industrial nations if the world could vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump gets top billing from just one country’s people: Russia.

Surprisingly, neither candidate can count on the support of their home country – at least not if the U.S. election were a free-for-all where people could vote for multiple candidates from each party. That honor goes instead to Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont and self-described “democratic socialist” who is challenging Ms. Clinton for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination.

Those are the findings of a new opinion poll released Tuesday, commissioned by Handelsblatt and conducted by YouGov, which asked 20,000 people across the world’s 20 leading economies, the bloc known as the G20, who their favorite is among the current crop of candidates running for U.S. president.

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