Ohio Counts

The Swing State That Would Be Kingmaker

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If Hillary Clinton can win in Ohio, many say it would almost certainly put an end to Donald Trump’s bid for the U.S. presidency.

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    • Even though this year there are more contested states than previously, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida are often seen as the three quintessential swing states in national politics, that indicate who’s going to win.
    • Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have focused on younger, urban and African-American voters in the state while Donald Trump and the Republicans have been pitching to older, rural, white voters.
    • The most recent polls in Ohio suggest the race is too close to call, with leads for either candidate well within the margin of error.
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Campaign 2016 Ohio Early Voting
Too close to call: Early voters in Columbus, Ohio. Source: AP

Judging by Hillary Clinton’s schedule, Cleveland has a special place in the U.S. presidential candidate’s heart. She’s been traveling all over the country, and now, just before the election, she has been to the industrial city in Ohio’s north twice, in one weekend.

On Friday evening she was onstage in front of a packed house in the University of Cleveland’s gymnasium, with the pop singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z, icons of the U.S. music scene.

The audience was mainly young African Americans, just as Ms. Clinton’s campaign team had hoped. The city is predominantly African-American and is considered safe territory for the Democrats. But Ms. Clinton is afraid that come election day, many people will stay at home because there are no African American candidates on the ballot paper.

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