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The Panic Buyer's Michelin Guide

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  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    After the German government suggested that citizens stockpile enough food for 10 days, in order to ensure survival in a disaster, many locals made fun of the civil defense plan. But Berlin-based chef, Tobias Jansen, took the survivalist’s menu more seriously.

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    • Excerpts from a new 76-page Civil Defense Concept were leaked this week and the text included advice on which supplies to have at home in order to survive for ten days in a disaster.
    • The concept was to replace outdated guidelines from 1995 and encompassed emergency electricity for government authorities, evacuations and communications.
    • The list of useful foods to have included wholemeal bread, sauerkraut, corn, mushrooms, jars of cherries, apricots and pears. Alongside water, people were also advised to buy 250 grams of instant coffee, lemon juice and milk.
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Advice that citizens should stockpile food as part of an emergency plan led to controversy, panic – and a hunt for new recipes.

Mid-week, excerpts of a “Civil Defense Concept” were leaked, a 76-page document laying out how the country should be prepared for emergencies.

The text included advice for people to have supplies at home for 10 days, along with a flashlight, in the case of catastrophe whether a cyber-attack, terrorism or war. The move updated emergency guidelines dating back to 1995 and encompassed emergency electricity for government authorities, evacuation planning and a communication network.

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