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The Final Push

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The rush of final appearances by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could make the difference in who wins over undecided voters in highly contested swing states.

  • Facts


    • 30 million Americans have already cast their vote early, and early voting tends to favor Democrats.
    • Ohio, once considered a battleground state, now appears to be leaning Republican.
    • Hillary Clinton still has a narrow 1-point lead in Florida, with 47% to Donald Trump’s 46%.
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Hillary Clinton appeared last night with Beyonce and Jay-Z in a final push for votes. Source: AP

It’s Friday afternoon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the campaign trail has taken a toll on Hillary Clinton’s voice. “It’s an all or nothing moment for America,” Ms. Clinton shouts hoarsely from the stage after being introduced by self-made billionaire and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban.

Surrounded by female voters young and old, Clinton briefly remarks on the Pittsburg Steelers and how much she appreciates the support of from the team’s longtime owner, Dan Rooney.

If talking about sports has long been a strategy of connecting with the average American, it also underscores the image of American politics as an immeasurably high stakes game played by true professionals. And Ms. Clinton, a veteran player, appears to be sticking with the game plan.

At the same time in Wilmington, Ohio, Donald Trump is doubling down on various campaign promises to a rowdy crowd of mostly white, male supporters. While Mr. Trump might be the amateur to Ms. Clinton’s professional, the atmosphere in Wilmington, like at other Trump rallies, is far more the rabid sports event than what Hillary Clinton has to offer.

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