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Taking On the Tech Giants

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Germany has failed to create digital champions to take on Google and Facebook. The new white paper is intended to help kick start competition.

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    • On Monday, the economics ministry will present a white paper calling for a total overhaul of digital regulatory policy.
    • The white paper calls for messaging services to be subject to the same rules over customer protection, privacy and security as traditional telecoms companies.
    • The paper says citizens should have more understanding of how the technology they use works. Search engines, for example, should give more information on how they yield results.
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The government wants to overhaul its policy on tech giants, setting up a digital agency to deal with issues of competition and transparency, Handelsblatt has learnt.

The economics ministry will present a white paper on Monday, calling for a total overhaul of digital regulatory policy.

The white paper is the latest in a series of attacks on the digital economy. Just last week, Justice Minister Heiko Maas presented a bill obliging social networks to remove clearly unlawful content within 24 hours. But the economics ministry wants to go further. The white paper also calls for the creation of new criminal offences in the field of cybercrime.

Economics State Secretary Matthias Machnig said he wanted to give competition authorities more powers to intervene in the sector.

Existing antitrust bodies are unlikely to to be pleased about this encroachment on their powers. But the government feels a new, more pro-active body is needed to deal with tech issues. In particular, a new digital agency would be able to act against a company without first proving market dominance.

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