European Integration

Strengthening the Franco-German Axis

In talks about how to draw France and Germany closer, finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble with Mr. Sapin, his counterpart from France. Sébastien d’Halloy for Handelsblatt
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    • If France and Germany cannot work together to drive European integration, the European Union will grow weaker.
  • Facts


    • France and Germany are making plans for closer cooperation on defense.
    • The United Kingdom insists all defense cooperation should be done through NATO.
    • The European Union does not want to start informal Brexit talks with Britain until it formally applies to leave the block.
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Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble and his French counterpart Michel Sapin made it clear they want to reshape the European Union in the wake of Brexit, and are determined not to let the United Kingdom undermine the euro zone.

At the third French-German Business Forum held by French business daily Les Echos and Handelsblatt in Paris, both politicians spoke in favor of concrete, pragmatic steps to strengthen the euro zone and the European Union.

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