Troubled waters

Sinking Billions in the Baltic

Denmark tunnel dpa
Going under? The projected entrance to the Fehmarn Belt tunnel.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The Fehmarn Belt tunnel will cost German and Danish taxpayers billions. Critics say it isn’t worth the money.

  • Facts


    • The tunnel will run for 17.6 kilometers (11 miles) between the islands of Fehmarn and Lolland.
    • Cost estimates have risen from €5.5 billion ($6.3 billion) in 2008 to €9 billion today.
    • Completion is expected in 2021.
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The estimated costs of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel between Germany and Denmark are continuing to rise as concerns grow that it may not gain as much traffic as projected.

German opposition to the project is becoming more vocal as MPs battle to control costs.

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