Trade Agreement

Seven Deadly Myths

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How well-founded are the fears around TTIP? Sources: Corbis, reuters, ullstein, Getty, Laif, Sipa, Imago [M]. For individual listing, see end of article.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Vocal opposition among the German public to the planned trans-Atlantic trade partnership centers around seven issues, from data protection to workers’ rights.

  • Facts


    • The TTIP negotiations started in 2013, are held weekly and will continue through 2015.
    • The United States and the European Union sees economic gains from TTIP.
    • Together, the United States and European Union make up 60 percent of global GDP, 33 percent of world trade in goods and 42 percent of world trade in services.
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Vocal public opposition to a planned trade partnership between the United States and the European Union, known as TTIP, focuses on seven areas where regulation could be affected by new rules. People are fearful that large businesses will shape the regulations about data and the financial markets and they worry that Germany’s environmental protection and food standard regulation could be weakened. Handelsblatt staff looked at whether or not these fears are well-founded.


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