Return of the Europhiles

macronvote, RC13A38B7380
Emmanuel Macron won a commanding majority in France's parliamentary election on Sunday. Source: Reuters

For Europhiles in Germany and across the continent, the outcome of France’s marathon elections are almost too good to be true.

Just a couple months ago, Marine Le Pen of the National Front, arch nemesis of the European Union, seemed poised to enter the Élysée Palace and deliver on her nationalist vow to bring down Europe’s common institutions.

But France did not follow Britain and the United States down the nationalist path blazed by the Brexiteers and Donald Trump’s supporters. Instead, the forces of liberal reform led by Emmanuel Macron won a resounding victory, securing virtually all the levers of national power in Paris.

In the wake of his decisive presidential victory, Mr. Macron and his reform movement, Republique En Marche, have won an absolute majority in the National Assembly, according to projections, sweeping aside the old guard Republican and Socialist parties as well as the insurgent National Front in one of the greatest  upsets in the history of the Fifth Republic.

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