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Report: Support Grows for Alternative Social Democrat Chancellor Candidate

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Martin Schulz, left, and Sigmar Gabriel could become contenders to run for chancellor on behalf of the Social Democrats, or SPD.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A quick decision on who will be the Social Democrats’ chancellor candidate could help the party in the elections battle against Angela Merkel’s Christian Union.

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    • Germany will hold federal elections next year in fall and the biggest party is likely to deliver the next chancellor.
    • Neither Chancellor Angela Merkel, who heads the Christian Union, nor Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who heads the Social Democrats, have decided whether to run for the country’s top position.
    • Martin Schulz has been chairman of the European Parliament since 2012 and a member of the E.U. body since 1994.
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Support is growing among Social Democrats for Martin Schulz, currently chairman of the European Union parliament, to be the party’s chancellor candidate in next year’s elections, weekly newsmagazine Der Spiegel reported, citing sources.

Sigmar Gabriel, the 57-year old head of the Social Democrats and Vice Chancellor in Angela Merkel’s coalition government, has not yet decided whether he will run as a chancellor candidate for his party, but increasing numbers of party members are calling for a quick decision on who will run.

Germany will hold federal elections next year in fall, which will lead to a new cabinet and replace the current coalition of Ms. Merkel’s Christian Democrats and her junior partner, the Social Democrats. Chancellor Merkel has not yet decided whether she will run for a fourth term.

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