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Report: More to Join Cell Which Planned Düsseldorf Attack

Police patrols Duesseldorf source Maja Hitij dpa 61475501
Germany is on high alert for possible terror attacks.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A terrorist attack was averted in Düsseldorf but reports that the attackers may have entered the country as asylums seekers are likely to cause further divisions in the refugee debate.

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    • Four men from Syria were arrested apparently planning a terrorist attack in Düsseldorf involving shootings and explosions.
    • Last year more than 1 million people sought asylum in Germany from war and poverty in the Middle East and North Africa.
    • After in Brussels and Paris, IS claimed there were other terrorist cells in Europe.
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On Thursday, German authorities arrested three alleged members of Islamic State suspected of planning an attack in downtown Düsseldorf. French police had already arrested a fourth suspect, also from Syria, in February.

The four men had entered Europe as refugees and were supposed to be joined by six more people to carry out the attack in Düsseldorf, Der Spiegel reported, citing the fourth suspect, Saleh A. who is currently in French custody.

According to the plan, two people were going to detonate suicide bombs and others would kill people with guns and explosives, Der Spiegel said. Similar attacks hit Brussels in March and in Paris in November, which killed a total of 164 people.

Düsseldorf’s historic center, nicknamed the longest bar in the world, is lined with pubs and is known for its popularity among tourists.

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