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Refugee Support Stretched to the Limit

African imigrants in a church in Hamburg, Source Markus katzel imagetrust
Asylum-seekers from Africa sleeping in a church in Hamburg.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The German government has ended its program which provided support for refugees from Syria – but the influx shows no signs of abating.

  • Facts


    • The German immigration authority estimates that 300,000 more refugees will come to Germany this year.
    • Compared to other European countries, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden accept the highest number of Syrian refugees.
    • An aid program for Syrian refugees coming to Germany via the country’s embassies in Lebanon and Turkey ended in March.
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“When people need help, we will help, even if that means taking on more refugees,” said Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel.

That willingness seems to be reaching its limits.

In late March, an aid program for Syrian refugees who reach Germany via the country’s embassies in Lebanon and Turkey came to an end. It was the only legal choice for people who didn’t reach Germany by taking the risky route across the Mediterranean.

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