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Protesters Gear Up for G20

G20-Gipfel – Polizei
Temperatures are rising in Hamburg. Source: DPA

Ahead of this weekend’s G20 summit, as the number of police in the city increases, Hamburg’s cafes are also filling up with protesters readying their tactics.

Over the past week, in a squatted theater plastered in signs reading “no press, no cops,” more than one hundred activists have been preparing a radical leftist demo dubbed “Welcome to Hell.” According to local press, the demonstration could leave downtown Hamburg in ashes, although organizer Andreas Beuth, a lawyer, says all he wants is to “strongly express our uncompromising criticism.” Mr. Beuth laid down the rules: no alcohol, no drugs, and all protesters should link arms. He wants marchers to make it through to the Trade Fair Halls where the summit will take place.

In all, more than 100,000 anti-capitalist demonstrators are expected to clash with some 20,000 policemen, 150 police dogs and water cannon this weekend. A summary court has been set up for people who are arrested.

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