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Outgunned, Outmaneuvered, Out of Options

Ukraine security council 18 Feb 2015 Kiev Source DPA Outgunned, Outmaneuvered and Out of Options
Ukraine's security council gathered on Wednesday to discuss the options in the country's east.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Without a military response from Ukraine to the violence of pro-Russian rebels in the east, the country may risk further territory losses.

  • Facts


    • Pro-Russian rebels have conquered the east Ukrainian town of Debaltseve.
    • Ukrainian forces abandonded the town in the face of overwhelming pro-Russian forces.
    • Germany and France want to keep the Minsk 2 truce agreement alive, and keep talking to Russia.
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After Ukrainian troops pulled out of the eastern town of Debaltseve, calls for arms from Kiev grew louder Thursday but so far have gone unheeded.

Western leaders, especially in Europe, remain wary of entering the conflict.

The ceasefire agreement, signed by Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany last week in Belarus’ capital Minsk, did not prevent Debaltseve from being taken by pro-Russian forces. The ceasefire came into force Sunday but fighting has raged in the region for the past four days.

As he ordered Ukrainian troops to pull out of Debaltseve on Wednesday, President Petro Poroshenko called U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to ask for military assistance. But Mr. Biden promised nothing.

European leaders are also biding their time.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said Wednesday on German television that Germany, France and the European Union “will not stand down in doing everything possible to support Ukraine and its territorial integrity.”

Ms. Merkel has already made it clear that she does not see arms deliveries to Ukraine as part of any solution. She regards the risks of escalation as too great.

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