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Out on the Edge

A scene from an animated film about being different.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A film festival in the East German town of Eberswalde explores the creative potential of provincial life.

  • Facts


    • Eberswalde’s 13th Provinziale features films about life outside cities.
    • This year’s festival opens with “Hosci” from Belarus and features long and short documentaries and animated films.
    • The festival runs through October 9 when awards will be presented by three juries and audiences.
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A film set in an Iranian graveyard was one of the more unexpected comedies on show this year, at a film festival celebrating provincial life.

The Provinziale is held in a town most people have never heard of: Eberswalde, population 41,000, is an hour north of Berlin.

Ina Heineke was impressed by the Iranian comedy. “I’d go and see all the films at the festival if I could,” she said, shepherding her daughters out of the screening.

The festival mostly draws locals like Ms. Heineke, as well as a few people from Berlin, an hour away. But the films’ subjects are far-flung, from East German prisons to young teens competing in athletics and love.

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