Parliamentary Investigation


Merkel Testifies on NSA Spying

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted having no her knowledge of  German Federal Intelligence Service for the parliamentary committee to complete its investigation.

  • Facts


    • Ms. Merkel faced questioning for more than seven hours.
    • At the inquiry, the chancellor stuck to much of what she had said in the past.
    • She reiterated that she first heard about the German intelligence service’s alleged cooperation with the U.S. agency in 2015,
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It’s not every day that Angela Merkel faces a parliamentary investigative committee, but her testimony on Thursday was needed to wrap up an investigation extending over three years into surveillance activities in Germany by the U.S. National Security Agency and its collaboration with the German Federal Intelligence Service, the BND.

The chancellor, who is seeking a fourth term in September, answered questions from lawmakers over seven hours. She repeated earlier public statements that she was unaware of the extent of spying operations between U.S. and German intelligence services.

“I knew nothing about it,” Merkel told committee members, according to news agency Reuters. “I had trusted my former chief of staff.”

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