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Macron warns China over Silk Road project

France, China, Macron, Xi
Still far apart: President Macron meets Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on a three-day China visit. Source: Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron has begun a trip to China with a warning to Beijing that the proposed €100 billion ($120 billion) Silk Road development project will be hampered unless Europe is allowed to participate as an equal partner.

With German Chancellor Angela Merkel preoccupied at home with stubbornly long negotiations aimed at forming a new ruling grand coalition with the Social Democratic Party, Mr. Macron is increasingly taking it upon himself to push his own view of Europe’s agenda to the world.

The Chinese, in turn, hope that the French president, who wants to reform his country’s sclerotic labor rules, will prove more amenable than Germany to permitting free access to the European market for Chinese companies.

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