Climate Change

It's not easy being green

RWE Power AG Kraftwerk Niederaußem
Climate talks are just heating up. Source: DPA

As 25,000 participants prepare to make their way to Bonn next week for the UN Climate Change Conference, Germany is grappling with the fact that its own efforts in the direction of renewable energy are not looking all that positive.

For two weeks starting on November 6, attendees will confer on climate change and environmental protection, travelling around in electric and hybrid buses as well as special electric shuttles. The conference organizers have a goal of using 80 percent renewable energy at the event, and everyone is being asked to switch off the lights whenever they leave the room.

So it’s a bit awkward that the host country is falling short of its own renewable energy goals, according to a new report obtained by Handelsblatt. The government-appointed four-person panel to assess Germany’s exit fossil and nuclear fuels, which has been operating since 2011, said insufficient progress is being made in four out of six areas of Germany’s climate change policy. Only two fields can be marked satisfactory.

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