Belgium and Berlin

Gun Battles, Raids Add to Europe's Jitters

Raids in Belgium and Germany and high alert against terror in Europe. Source: DPA
Raids in Belgium and Germany and high alert against terror in Europe.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Tensions are rising in Germany and across Europe as police launch a series of raids on home-grown jihadists.

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    • Two men died in a gun battle with security forces in Belgium.
    • Belgian authorities say they thwarted a major terrorist attack at the last munite.
    • In Berlin, two men were arrested early on Friday morning on suspicion of recruiting fighters and fundraising for the Islamic State.
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Europe is in a jittery mood, with good reason.

Two suspected jihadi terrorists were shot dead Thursday in a police gun battle in eastern Belgium, and German police arrested two men in Berlin on suspicion of recruiting and raising money for the Islamic State.

The events capped a tense week following the Paris attacks that led to the arrest of a terror suspect in Wolfsburg, Germany, and the death of an Eritrean refugee in Dresden on a night when 25,000 people turned out in the center of the eastern German city to protest immigration.

On Thursday evening, Belgian police shot and killed two men in the town of Verviers in a bloody gun battle lasting several minutes before stunned commuters during evening rush hour.

Federal prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt said a major terrorist attack, on a scale of the one in Paris, had been averted. Police also raided buildings in Brussels and nearby towns.

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