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State Networks See New Attacks

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Not only technicians are picking away at the government's computers.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Germany’s government IT systems are woefully outdated and insecure, opening the government up to hacker attacks.

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    • It recently became known that there was a massive attempt to hack the Bundestag’s internal data network.
    • The German government has more than 1,300 data centers and server rooms used by 150 different federal agencies.
    • Officials also want to set up a federal data cloud, which will allow government agencies to use standard software for applications such as email.
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Threats to the German government’s IT infrastructure continue to grow and the current security situation is tense, Thomas de Maizière, the country’s interior minister, has told an IT security conference in Bonn.

But the necessary measures to battle the growing threats, he added, are being hindered by the diverse structure of the government’s information technology.

According to an interior ministry report obtained by Handelsbatt, one of the problems is that the federal government often buys hardware and software from vendors without clear manufacturing and delivery procedures. Another problem is the lack of centralized responsibility for the more than 1,300 data centers and server rooms used by 150 different federal agencies.

After a long debate, the federal ministries have agreed to a set of new measures, which they will soon send to the parliamentary budget committee for approval. The Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, has called on the federal government to streamline and modernize its IT systems with the aim of improving security and lowering costs.

The goal is to approve the new IT security concept by 2016 and implement the overhaul of the government’s massive computer operations by 2022.

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