Workforce Diversity

New Law Targets Workplace Discrimination

woman car Marijan Murat-dpa
Germany needs greater diversity in the workplace, not least to cope with demographic change.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Discrimination stops companies hiring the most innovative or best qualified people for the role, ultimately hitting their profits and growth.

  • Facts


    • Women currently hold 26 percent of seats on the non executive or supervisory boards of the 160 companies listed on Germany’s benchmark DAX index.
    • The percentages are much lower on executive boards.
    • The Berlin Transport Authority has successfully increased the proportion of female employees in its workforce by tying the promotion of women to managers annual bonuses.
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Pilots who are not allowed to fly over the age of 60. A brilliant female executive passed over for promotion after she becomes pregnant. A Muslim woman forced to answer uncomfortable questions about her headscarf in a job interview. One in three people in Germany suffer discrimination, especially in their jobs, according to a government survey. And almost half of those affected complain it is based on age or gender.

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