Submit or Resist?

Germany Deals with the New Reality

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Rather than normalizing U.S. president-elect Donald Trump, hoping for the best or submitting to him, Europe should stand up for itself.

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    • In terms of its population and GDP, Europe is just as strong as the United States and its democracies are currently more stable. The main gap between the two is military.
    • Strangely, Mr. Trump’s success has fans in both Germany’s left wing, among members of the Left Party, and in it’s right wing, among members of the Alternative for Germany.
    • Some pundits have suggested that Mr. Trump’s presidency will cause so much trouble, there will be some sort of systemic collapse. They welcome this as they believe it will lead to a new beginning.
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Donald Trump, Mike Pence
Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Pence. Source. AP

One of the great books of our era is entitled “Submission.” In the 2015 satire, novelist Michel Houellebecq describes a fictional France that gradually submits to Islam.

A little cowardice here, a sudden new insight there. Bridges are built between the new, rising, somehow refreshing power and one’s own, tired way of thinking; abnormality is normalized and even becomes a norm. Ultimately the main character of the novel discovers the advantages of polygamy.

Yes indeed, this is how things can go.

The experimental arrangement in Mr. Houellebecq’s book is unrealistic to the extent that, just in terms of numbers alone, Islam in France is much too weak to bring about such a change. But the mechanisms of submission are valid everywhere; they are currently in motion right before our eyes, in full color and at full speed.

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