Dairy Aid

German Milk in the Global Economy

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German farmers have taken to the streets in protest of historic low milk prices.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If Germany wants to maintain a viable dairy production, it will need a mix of production caps and aid.

  • Facts


    • One liter of milk currently costs 46 euro cents in the supermarket.
    • Dairy farmers are now being paid an historic low of only about 20 cents – or even less – per liter.
    • The need to earn at earn at least 40 cents to cover their costs, according to BDM association of German dairy farmers.
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For Germany dairy farmers, Monday’s milk summit in Berlin came none too soon. They’re feeling the pinch, with current prices far below their production costs.

One liter of milk currently costs as little as 46 euro cents in many German supermarkets. The result: Dairy farmers are now earning an historic low of only 20 cents per liter – nearly half of what they need to stay in business, according to BDM association of German dairy farmers.

Over the past few months, many of country’s some 75,000 dairy farmers have launched sweeping demonstrations to protest the ruinous effects low milk prices have had on their livelihoods. Their protests finally prompted the German government to respond to their demands for firm action on the milk-price crisis.

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