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France Woos Start-ups

Emmanuel Macron
Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron reaches out to digital entrepreneurs.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Unable to find investment capital at home, France’s talented IT and tech entrepreneurs are leaving for the U.S. France wants to reverse this trend by helping start-ups gain access to potential domestic investors.

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    • The Euronext stock exchange was formed in 2000 with the merger of the Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels and Lisbon exchanges.
    • Enternext, a subsidiary of the Euronext stock exchange, is working with the economics ministry to launch a support program for tech firms.
    • Euronext is Europe’s top marketplace for tech stock listings, with 320 technology-driven small and medium-sized companies representing a total market capitalization of €41 billion.
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France is confronting a paradox. The country has a high number of outstanding IT specialists thanks to the excellent mathematical training in its schools – but these specialists prefer to work in California than at home. One reason is that, in France as well as in other European countries, young technology companies have great difficulty acquiring capital resources. While potential investors are willing to accept the risk of a start-up failing, they are scared off by the difficulties of getting a high return on investment if the start-up actually succeeds.

Enternext, a subsidiary of the Euronext stock exchange, is now seeking to help, in collaboration with the French Economics Ministry.

At a recent conference for start-ups, the head of Enternext, Eric Forest, announced several steps designed to make it easier for young, technology-driven companies to be admitted to the stock exchange – which should indirectly encourage risk capital providers to become financially involved in these firms.

Economics Minister Emmanuel Macron called for a “small business law,” like in the U.S. “The digital economy will be the most important lever for our growth,” he said. “But today, the largest impediment to innovation is insufficient financing.”

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