Heightened Tensions

Munich Police Investigate Reported Terror Threat

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Police on guard at Munich's main train station.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Information about planned attacks has led to a higher state of security and renewed fears about terrorism in Germany and beyond.

  • Facts


    • Attacks were planned at two train stations to take place at midnight in Munich according to warnings from intelligence services.
    • Cities including Madrid, Paris, Berlin, New York and Istanbul raised security around celebrations of the new year, fearing terrorist attacks.
    • Attacks carried out in Paris on November 13 killed 130 people.
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German police on Friday fanned out across Munich a day after authorities said they received  warnings that Islamic terrorists were planning to attack two train stations in the Bavarian capital on New Year’s Eve.

The attacks never occurred but more than 100 Munich police investigators continued to secure the city hours after authorities warned partygoers to avoid the stations.

Munich remained on watch, according to police spokesman Werner Kraus, who told Bild, Germany’s mass tabloid newspaper, that police assumed there was a higher risk of terrorist attack. Authorities were carrying out identity checks at the two stations and in the city.

At a press conference this morning, Munich’s police president Hubertus Andrä said the force was looking for seven suspects of Iraqi and Syrian origin and had details about half of the people involved.

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