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Ex-Chancellor: New Refugee Policy Needed

Gerhard Schroeder, Bundeskanzler a.D.
Gerhard Schröder.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Gerhard Schröder’s calls for Germany to revise its refugee policy will increase pressure on his political rival, Angela Merkel.

  • Facts


    • Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder said Germany needs a new refugee policy.
    • Germany should grant asylum and work permits to the 1.1 million refugees already in the country, he said.
    • Germany should impose daily entrance quotas on further refugees, and pressure E.U. countries to take in refugees.
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Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, in an interview, suggested his country grant asylum and working permits to the roughly 1.1 million refugees it has already admitted and compel its E.U. neighbors to take the rest.

At a Handelsblatt conference on Asia on Monday in Düsseldorf, Mr. Schröder proposed a “liberating coup” in dealing with the refugee crisis — to accept, process and train refugees for jobs already in the country.

But the Social Democrat, who ruled Germany in a coalition until being unseated by Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in 2005, said Germany should impose daily entrance quotas to slow the refugee flow.

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