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European Disunity Growing Over Refugees

Refugees Greece AP
Refugees landing in Greece.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    • The European Union is cracking under the pressure of the refugee crisis, with countries at loggerheads over issues such as the distribution of the asylum seekers and the protection of the bloc’s external borders.
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    • Interior and justice ministers are to discuss a temporary suspension of the Schengen treaty when they meet on Thursday and Friday.
    • Hungary is considering joining Slovakia in a legal action against Brussels at the European Court of Justice.
    • Sweden wants to redistribute some of the thousands of refugees already on its soil.
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Rifts are widening between the European Union member states as they grapple with finding a solution to the refugee crisis. Greece has been criticized for not doing its duty as the first entry point into the European Union and Slovakia is retreating further into its isolationist position.

The tension has reached boiling point. On Wednesday Slovakia filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice, contesting the September 22 decision by the E.U. ministers to redistribute 120,000 refugees from Greece, Italy and Hungary to the other E.U. countries. Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania had voted against the plan.

At a meeting of the E.U.’s 28 interior and justice ministers taking place on Thursday and Friday in Brussels, Slovakia’s interior minister and deputy prime minister, Robert Kaliňák, can expect firm opposition.

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