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EU, China Send Trump Signal on Climate

Braunkohlekraftwerk Jänschwalde
Coal power plants, supported by Donald Trump, produce a lot of CO2 emissions. Source: DPA

Europe and China plan to send a strong signal affirming climate protection, according to circles close to the EU who spoke to Handelsblatt

At a summit on Friday, Chinese premier Li Keqiang, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, will sign a paper committing to the Paris climate accord, along with closer cooperation to expand renewable energies and emissions trading. Together, the economic powers are sending a powerful indicator to US President Donald Trump, who is currently deciding whether or not the US will go along with the Paris agreement.

US media reported Wednesday he will pull out of the climate accord, which was brokered at the end of 2015 and aims to limit global warming.

Talks are underway between Brussels and Beijing about the details of the agreement. The EU and China want to make it clear that they want to take a leading role in protecting the global climate, according to sources in Brussels. Apparently, both fear that a US departure from the accord would lead other countries to likewise abandon their Paris commitments.

Mr. Li will visit Berlin on Wednesday and Thursday for bilateral talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Later on Thursday, Mr. Li flies to Brussels to meet EU officials. He is expected to take part in discussions about trade and access to China’s market, issues where both sides have strongly differing viewpoints.

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