Crisis Nation

End in sight for Greece's EU bailouts, but not its problems

A woman walks past a wall covered with graffiti in Athens
No longer a casualty? Source: dpa

Alexis Tsipras talks a good game. This week, the Greek prime minister was busy proclaiming a new era for the perennially troubled, debt-ridden nation: “Growth is back. All indicators are positive. A new era is beginning for the economy, for the government, and for Greece.”

Big words from Mr. Tsipras, but the jury is still out on Greece’s prospects. This week, the European Commission predicted the country would grow by 2.5 percent this year and next year. Unemployment is still a painful 21 percent, although that figure fell by almost 3 points last year.

Perhaps most remarkably of all, in August, the country will finally leave the euro-zone’s bailout program, regaining a large measure of fiscal and political independence after 8 years under tight supervision from Brussels.

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