Handelsblatt Exclusive

Praise for EU Google Fine

Google is appealing the EU decision, but Germany is praising it. Picture source: DPA

Matthias Machnig, Germany’s deputy economics minister, has praised the European Commission’s decision to impose a record €2.42-billion fine on Google for violating EU competition rules.

Mr. Machnig told Handelsblatt that the commission’s decision was a “correct and important step.” The EU executive found that Google had favored its comparison-shopping service over rival platforms in its search results. In Germany, this allegedly put websites such as billger.de and idealo.de at a disadvantage. Mr. Machnig called for tighter regulation of digital platforms in the wake of the decision.

“The decision of the European Commission demonstrates two things,” Mr. Machnig told Handelsblatt. “First, we need clear regulations for platforms and second we need quick competition proceedings.”

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