President Juncker Will Not Seek Second Term

Jean-Claude Juncker
Europe's many crises have taken a toll on Mr. Juncker. Picture source: Olivier Hoslet/EPA/dpa

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker still has two years left in office, but he’s already made up his mind about his political future: “I will not run again,” Mr. Juncker told German public radio broadcaster Deutschlandfunk in an interview aired Sunday.

Mr. Juncker’s announcement confirms rumors that have long circulated in Brussels. The 62-year old has apparently grown frustrated trying to manage crises on multiple fronts, from the discord over Greek debt negotiations to the polarization over the influx of refugees.

The long-serving prime minister of Luxembourg, a dedicated European, took over the reigns at the European Commission in 2014 promising to bring Brussels closer to everyday citizens frustrated with the 28-nation E.U. bloc.

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