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E.U. Asks Arab Countries for Refugee Aid

Croatia is the latest E.U. member state to struggle under the weight of the refugee influx.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Some E.U. member states are struggling to cover the costs of the huge numbers of refugees and migrants arriving daily in their countries.

  • Facts


    • The European Commission has raised €9.2 billion ($) to deal with the refugee influx.
    • Several member states are yet to contribute to two key trust funds for Syria and African countries.
    • Commission vice president Kristalina Georgieva wants Muslim countries to donate some of their alms money.
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With the European Union struggling to cope with an unprecedented refugee influx, the bloc’s executive commission has called on Arab countries to do more to help asylum seekers.

In an interview with Handelsblatt, Kristalina Georgieva, the European Commission’s vice president and budget commissioner, said Arab states should offer more financial aid to the refugees, many of whom are arriving from the Middle East.

She suggested that annual charitable donations by Muslim countries could be used to plug some of the humanitarian aid gaps that have opened up as some E.U. countries have become overwhelmed by the huge numbers of arrivals.

“I’m thinking, for example, of the collection of Zakat alms in Muslim communities, through which last year alone €600 million ($682 million) were collected,” she said. “If we could mobilize even 1 percent of this for refugees, the gap in humanitarian aid for refugees would already be closed.”

Europe, for its part, is reaching its limit when it comes to aid for refugees. “We have scratched together every cent and doubled the funds for combating the refugee crisis from €4.5 billion to €9.2 billion,” Ms. Georgieva said.

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