Jo Cox

Confronting the Politics of Hate

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People pay tributes to Jo Cox near the Houses of Parliament, in Westminster, London.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The murder of British MP Jo Cox has led to calls for a change in the tone of British politics.

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    • Labour MP Jo Cox, a supporter of Britain’s E.U. membership, was murdered in the village of Birstall close to Leeds on Thursday.
    • The suspect in custody, Thomas Mair, reportedly yelled “Britain First” during the attack. Police are investigating possible neo-Nazi links.
    • Several opinion polls now show support for Britain’s E.U. membership ahead of those who want to leave the 28-member bloc.
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Britain resumed its debate on the E.U. membership vote on Sunday after a three-day break, with both the “Remain” and “Leave” camps seeking a more measured style out of respect for the life and service of the slain British Labour parliamentarian Jo Cox.

But their rhetoric has stuck closely to the campaign’s defining immigration-versus-economy debate focus.

The first opinion poll conducted ahead of Ms. Cox’s fatal attack on Thursday showed the Remain campaign three points ahead of its rival Leave. The telephone poll of 1,001 adults by Survation for the Mail on Sunday had 45 percent voting to stay in the European Union and 42 percent to leave.

The poll marked a reversal of positions from Survation’s survey released shortly before Ms. Cox was stabbed and shot while meeting with constituents in the village of Birstall in her electoral district. In that poll, 45 percent backed a “Brexit” and 42 percent a “Bremain.”

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