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Chancellor Merkel’s Party Mulls New Universal Road Toll

main 79459991 source Julian Stratenschulte DPA – Road Autobahn highway freeway red car lights stripes
It's complicated: Germany's ruling party is debating a new road toll based on vehicle mileage, location and timing. Source: Julian Stratenschulte / DPA

Germany’s controversial “road tax for foreigners” is yet to become reality. But Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union has already drafted a possible successor, a toll that would apply to all drivers, both domestic and foreign.

In preparation for the upcoming elections on September 24, a party committee of economics and finance specialists has drafted a new toll plan, of which Handelsblatt has obtained a copy. It may well become part of the Christian Democrats’ election program.

“The central idea is to abolish the motor vehicle tax and to introduce a universal road tax, which is dependent on mileage and can vary by location, time and vehicle,” the committee said in the proposal.

Whether the plan makes it onto the Christian Democrats’ election platform remains to be seen. The party’s infrastructure specialists have already called the proposal by the economics and finance specialists an “abstruse thing.”

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