Bundestag Approves Troop Withdrawal from Turkey

The army belongs to parliament. Picture source: DPA

Germany and Turkey are ostensibly allies, but tensions between the two countries have boiled over in a dispute about the right of parliamentarians to visit German troops stationed at Incirlik airbase.

In a landslide vote on Wednesday, 461 of 569 German legislators approved a resolution to pull German troops out of Turkey and redeploy them to Jordan. Eighty-five parliamentarians voted against the move and 23 abstained. The vote marks the first time that Germany has moved to withdraw troops from a NATO ally, Turkey, and redeploy them to a nation that is not a member of the trans-Atlantic alliance, Jordan.

“With the withdrawal from Incirlik, we have reached a tentative low point in our relations with Turkey,” said Niels Annen, a parliamentarian with the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD).

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